Our company is one of the leading suppliers of various types of machines in the Czech Republic for processing of metals, composites, plastics, wood and other materials. We offer a wide range of machines and tools for laser cutting, bending, milling, modular automation systems and much more.

Our specialists do all our best to recommend machines that exactly is a right choice for each application. It lets our customers to increase productivity and improve quality of products. Our service team is ready to fix all problems in short time.

Our brands

LeMans is a developer and manufacturer of equipment and tools for sheet metal processing.

We offer a wide range of equipment and tools for laser cutting, bending, as well as modular automation systems, after-sales service and technological support.

LeMans Technology means innovative manufacturing solutions that deliver high levels of profitability and productivity.

VOLTER TECH CNC routers made in CZ. Advanced quality and technology. A wide range of options and configurations.

VOLTER machines use for production of facades made of aluminum composite panels, for production of various signs and points of purchase materials, for the manufacture of machine parts and mechanisms.

Production efficiency is ensured by the high speed of the machine, low cost and maximum repeat accuracy.

TPS Digital Cutting Machine intelligent digital cutting equipment for non-metallic material.

Higher speed, higher precision, higher stability, environment-friendly equipment. Improving industry competitiveness, achieving excellent brand.

TPS offers full-cutting, half-cutting, boring and milling, punching, creasing, marking.

Compact, highly efficient engraving equipment for processing a wide range of materials from CKLasers.

CKLASER - the leading brand of laser marking machine since 2006. 13-year experience in the field of three-dimensional dynamic laser marking.

Our engraving machines can engrave both textile products and metal products. High quality. Compact size.


Thunder Laser is professionally engaged in producing laser cutter and laser engraver.

Thunder laser’s CO2 laser cutter and laser engraver are good for processing most of the non-metallic materials like: Cloth, Acrylic, Wood, Leather, Paper, Plastic, glass, Ceramic, etc.

The Thunder laser’s machines are also an excellent solution for 3D engraving on wood and marking on some metals. All our machines have the CE and FDA sertifications. 


Show room

From choosing equipment to signing a contract in one room.

Visiting the showroom will allow you to visualize the machine before buying it and gain full confidence in the correctness of your choice.
You can personally assess the performance of our equipment, cutting speed and trial production from different materials.

Our professional consultants will help you choose from the range that best suits your desires and needs. Our address: Zengrova 131, 280 02 Kolín IV.


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One on the Europe's largest pipe fiber laser Installed
Our company has successfully completed the installation of one of the largest fiber laser pipe cutting machines in Europe - the Le Mans TP1260M model.
Realtime Technologies
We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully delivered and installed two machines - a CO2 laser machine from THUNDERLASER and a VOLTER CNC milling machine.