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LeMans Servo IBend S SERIES


Screw Driven Servo Pres Brake

Rotational movement from servo motors and the torque effect is transferred to the screw shaft and nut system. Thus, the bending power is achieved with the downward movement of the top table.

Specification model range


• Y1, Y2, X, R - 4 Axis CNC
• ESA S630 Controller
• Stroke 275 - 310 mm, Throat Depth 300 mm
• Servo motorIzed back gauge
• Back gauge finger 2 pcs, 3 stages
• Quick clamping promecam
• Narrow bottom table specific to MVD (European type)
• Standard punch tool ES 1260
• Standard die tool ES 2067
• High quality and precision linear rulers
• Laser beam front safety system
• Led lighting
• Sliding front support system
• Single pedal


• CE comformity - AKAS or DSP Laser beam front safety system
• UNIMEC back gauge
• Front working table

Model Unit S20 S40 S60
Bending Length mm 950 1250 2100
Bending Force Ton 20 40 60
Max. Stroke (S) mm 210 210 210
Throat Depth (T) mm 300 300 300
Daylight (D) mm 410 410 410
Approach Speed mm/s 150 150 150
Bending Speed mm/s CE Norm 10-20 10-20 10-20
Return Speed mm/s 150 150 150
Length mm 1610 1960 2840
Width mm 1350 1450 1450
Height mm 2570 2610 2610
Weight kg 2900 4000 5300
Main Motor kW 4,3 kW 2 x 4,3 kW 2 x 7 kW
Motor Count Adet 2 2 2
Back Gauge Finger Adet 2 2 2
X Axis (750 mm) mm/s 250 250 250
R Axis (250 mm) mm/s 100 100 100
Z1 Axis mm/s 450 450 450

*Bending speeds above 10 mm/s are used only in robotic applications due to “CE Norms”.
**See the side page for measurement details.
***Specifications may change without notice.                            


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