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LeMans guillotine shears



Increased productivity with double speed concept. 50% more cuts/minute with half of the original cutting capacity. Shears cutting for materials with thickness from 6 mm up to 25 mm, cutting length from 2 meters up to 6 meters. Shears provide high cutting quality with low cutting angle design machine concepts. Unique construction feature is the fixed angle of cut.

2019 Shears Catalogue LeMans.pdf





Specification model range

• The LeMans press brakes produced in Turkey according to many years of knowledge and experience.
•  LeMans Hydraulic Guillotine Shears for sheets up to 50% faster cutting and efficiency achieved with double speed concept.
•  Shears cutting thickness from 6mm up to 25mm, cutting length from 2 meters up to 6 meters. Shears provide high cutting quality with small cutting angle design concepts.
•  Unique construction feature is the fixed angle of cut. Machine can be produced with automatic blade gap and stroke adjustment by CNC controller according to customer request. Machine body and upper beams made of steel has been designed for minimum stretch and optimum resistance criteria.
•  1000mm back gauge travel (stroke). performed with linear ball shaft, without backlash guide.
•  Automatic swing-up feature of back gauge after 1000mm to more easily feed longer sheets with +/0.1mm positioning accuracy and programmable retract features.

Width: 1600mm; 2100mm; 3100mm; 4000mm; 6150mm
Controllers: ELGO, ESA, CYBELEC
Cutting thickness: up to 25mm





  • ELGO P40T Touch screen NC Control Unit
  • Rexroth / Hoerbiger hydraulic system
  • Manual blade gap adjustment system
  • 1.000 mm NC Controlled, Programmable, motorized back gauge
  • Double Speed cutting machine concept
  • 250 mm throat depth
  • Programmable back gauge retract feature
  • Back gauge swing-up feature for sheets longer than 1.000 mm
  • Stroke adjustment on the control panel for increasing stroke number for short cutting efficiency
  • Transfer table with roller balls
  • Upper blade 2 edges / Bottom blade 4 edges
  • Unique components that reduces maintenance need. Front support arms 1.000 mm, with ruler scale, T channel & flip stops
  • Front and side protective covers
  • Illumination cutting line
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Front finger protection guard, 1.000 mm which has swing-up feature
  • Foot pedal
  • Special designed covers with movable controller arm
  • Emergency stop buttons


  • Pneumatic Sheet support system (Type 1)
  • Pneumatic Sheet support system- with Return to sender feature (Type 2)
  • CNC controlled Auto blade gap adjustment system
  • Angular gauge 0-180º
  • Longer front sheet supports & squaring arm
  • Special throat depth 500 mm
  • Full length opening front finger guard
  • Laser guard for front finger protection
  • Special alloy blades
  • Laser cutting line
  • Oil cooler and oil heater
  • AC cooling unit electrical cabinet
  • Automatic or Manual central lubrication
  • CNC controlled front sheet feeder arms
  • Rear laser barrier with CE conformity
  • Machine without special design covers

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